How It Works


Graphic Design

Our design team is constantly formulating cool new designs for our products. We even work with photographers to capture gorgeous views and scenery to display on our diverse collection of items. 

Our Machines

Our ability to create so many different designs is due to our technology. We offer high quality sublimated items with our calendar press and flat press machines, as well as can print logos and images with our selection of heat presses. 

Final Results

When it comes to the final process of sublimating, the results are truly amazing. With our high resolution printing capabilities the image pops off the product giving a clear and vibrant design. 

Quality Images

When it comes to design and customization, our technology allows us to quickly transfer images from our design software to our printers. We have the ability to print high resolution photos, designs, logos, and much more. Send us a design or image, we will fit the image to the product dimensions, add text if you want, or even add your team name or logo.

Various Fabrics

All of our fabrics are unique and different, ranging from a nice soft Tri-blend, to our polyester-cotton blend, to subli-plush polyester sublimated fabric, and even to UV protective fabrics. We also have fleece material, canvas fabric, and other  various colored fabrics. Most of our colored fabrics are solely purposed for our heat press machines. We take our subli-plush white fabric and can customize it completely with our calendar press and flat press.  

Design Your Own

Thanks to our top of the line calendar press and flat press, we offer fully customizable products for your wants and needs. Simply look through our products and customize them right on the product page. 

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